Who is Giuseppe?

If you’re a fan of Coffeebar, you’ve definitely seen him around, and have probably heard his name. Giuseppe is the name of the lion depicted in Coffeebar’s logo. But Giuseppe is much more than a mere picture — he is a symbol of what Coffeebar stands for. Giuseppe is the watchful eye overlooking Coffeebar’s production and service, to ensure that it is of only the highest quality.

So, where did he come from? Giuseppe stems from a wild dream owner Greg Buchheister had on the night before he left for Truckee to embark on the adventure of creating Coffeebar. In his dream, Greg slayed a giant red, gold and blue lion with two spears. “It was so intense and real that I couldn’t just let it go… I thought about it for weeks following and realized that I wanted a lion to be a part of our logo rather than some artistic coffee cup.  I looked up the dream analysis for and it was pretty cool so I worked with our brand engineer, Bethany Bauman, and we created Giuseppe.  He watches over everything at Coffeebar, like a good ‘king of the jungle’ should,” says Greg.

Giuseppe is helping us raise the new coffee-bar in Truckee and all of Northern California!

Ask your friendly barista to try your chai “Giuseppe style,” in honor of our lion!



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