Celebrating Four Years!

It’s so hard to believe we celebrated our 4th birthday this month. The time has gone by so fast as we have been fortunate enough to do what we love every single day here at Coffeebar. When we think about all of the relationships we have built during that time, the roots we have established here in one of the greatest communities in the world, how much we’ve grown and learned as individuals and in our business thanks to all the incredible people that walk through our doors each day, and how much our vision has continued to evolve… that is a whole lot to pack into 4 short years! We are incredibly grateful for every single moment, and we look forward to serving our Coffeebar family for many years to come. Thank you so much to all of you who are a part of this family — for 4 great years, and for so much more.
The very beginning...

The very beginning…

... And four years down the road!

… And four years down the road!

We celebrated our big day in style with our annual Customer Appreciation Day, where we served up $1 drinks all day long. Because, really, this day is all about our customers!  THANK YOU!!  


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