Coffeebar/Bespoke T-Shirt Design Contest

Coffeebar and Bespoke have come together to create a radical t-shirt design contest for our community. Here’s the run-down…

You’ve got two weeks to design the absolute coolest t-shirt you can that represents both Coffeebar and Bespoke. Links to download our logos are included here in this post. It is not required to use the logos, however the t-shirt design must somehow illustrate the concepts behind both Coffeebar and Bespoke (using your creative judgment!). T-shirt designs must be in one color.

T-shirts designs should be both emailed to marketing director Kara at as well as uploaded to the Coffeebar and/or Bespoke Facebook pages by July 1st, the official end of the contest period. A winner will be announced approximately one week after that point. Judging is as follows: 50% based on the most “likes” on the design photo on Facebook (recruit your votes!!); 25% based on Giuseppe’s vote; 25% based on Bespoke’s vote.

The winning design will be featured on t-shirts to be sold at both Coffeebar and Bespoke. The winner will also receive five free t-shirts featuring their design, as well as a $50 gift certificate to Coffeebar and a $50 gift certificate to Bespoke… in addition to being immortalized in Coffeebar/Bespoke fame! (Be sure to include your signature or personal logo on the bottom of your t-shirt design if you’d like!)

Questions? Drop us a line via the comments section on this post. Thanks, and happy designing!!

Links to download logos:


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