Featured Wine and Beer Selections

Good afternoon Coffeebar fans! We are pleased to announce our very first featured wine and beer selections today. With an extensive variety of wine and beer selections now available at Coffeebar, we’ve called on our resident beer and wine experts to help us with selecting a beer and a wine to feature each month. This way, you can learn a bit more about the beverages we have available, and what our resident experts are loving at the moment. Enjoy!

Wine of the Moment, as selected by Eric, our resident wine expert:

Sergio Mottura Orvietto Secco DOC
Region: Umbria
Price: $9.50 by the glass, $32 by the bottle
Color: Clear pale yellow w/ golden highlights
Taste: Dry with a slight bitter after taste. Flavors of ripe golden apple, pear and dried peach.
Aroma: Fruity and fragrant, with hints of wild mint and aromatic herbs

The Orvieto White Blend is easily the most reputable wine from Umbria. This is a great aperitif wine and also pairs well with Coffeebar’s Garden Crepe Special.


Beer of the Moment, as selected by Andy, our resident beer expert:

Brewery: The Bruery
Location: Placentia, CA (Orange County)
Style: Berliner Weisse
Size: 750ml Bottle
ABV: 3.1%
Price: $12.50 per bottle
Berliner Weisse beers are a style of regional beers from Northern Germany, in particular Berlin. Dating back to the 16th Century, Berliner Weisse are Wheat Beers (Weisse means Wheat in German) that have been soured either through a secondary fermentation or by the deliberate introduction of lactobacillus, a type of yeast that creates Lactic Acid as a byproduct of the fermentation process. During the 19th Century, Berliner Weisse beers were the most popular drink in Berlin, but the style fell to the wayside during the 20th Century as Lagers/Pilsners grew in favor among Germans. It has seen a bit of revival in recent years in the American Craft Brewing scene.

Berliner Weisse beers are “Table Beers” — beers that are low in alcohol content to be shared among a table of persons during meals (side note: Table Beers date back to a time before water sanitation, where it was often dangerous in cities to drink water, so people drank very low ABV beers – the alcohol destroyed any bacteria/viruses/parasites – to prevent sickness). It is characterized by a mild but distinct tartness, medium carbonation, and a light, almost wine-like, body. Traditional Berliner Weisse beers are not flavored, but in Germany are often served with flavoring syrup (Raspberry and Woodruff being the most popular) to temper the tartness. Hottenroth stays true to the traditional style, with a distinct tart flavor, citrus undertones (in particular lemon), and a bready wheat malt backbone. The beer is easily drinkable, great in the sun, and good for mid-day drinking without the adverse “day drunk” effects.



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