Dear Loyal Bibo Customers…

My heart sincerely goes out to Paul, his wife and all Bibo loyalists and customers. In light of the recent commentary to Coffeebar, I feel it is important to address what has transpired in a public forum.

It was never our intent to incite a debate among local coffee lovers. We were of the understanding that as of July 1st, the space on 680 Mt. Rose St was to be vacated by Bibo. Coffeebar had nothing to do with the non-renewal of their lease. We also had nothing to do with Bibo’s deteriorated relationship with Mr. Grulli. It is not our business to discuss or make assumptions as to why Bibo was not given an option to renew its lease and we have no intention of doing so. Given the timing of the situation, it may seem like Coffeebar is doing Bibo an injustice by moving into the space but if not us, the blame will fall just as easily on the next tenant.

I’ll be the scapegoat in this situation because in the big picture of coffee, food and culture in Reno I truly believe it is better to have a local, independent concept than some corporate chain in that location. Reno is a vibrant community that would be well served by many more cafes, restaurants and gathering spaces that inspire their patrons. We welcome and support any other entrepreneurs to join us in elevating the restaurant experience in Reno.

I started Coffeebar in Truckee with absolutely nothing 2 and 1/2 years ago and now employ over 25 people in one store serving the community with artisan coffee, tea, food and excellent customer service. We are not interested in riding on the coat tails of Bibo or any other business. We are a proud business and plan on introducing an entirely unique concept to the neighborhood. We serve coffee & espresso, yes, but we also sell crepes, panini, salads, fresh baked pastries, fresh juices, beer, wine and gelato. In light of the recent barrage of comments, I do not expect Paul’s support or the support of his loyal customers. We completely understand and admire their loyalty to Bibo, and I am very impressed with the fervor they defend their original Bibo location. I trust they will continue to support Paul & Deb in their other locations and I encourage them to do so. I do however expect to earn each Coffeebar customer one cup of coffee, one scoop of gelato and one crepe at a time. We are confident that we can inspire loyal customers of our own, and have a positive impact on the Reno community by bolstering its coffee and food scene, just as Bibo has.

We truly wish for the best possible outcome for both parties and the community at large, and hope Bibo can work to do the same by not speaking negatively about the character and integrity of Coffeebar and its team, or encouraging others to do so. Most importantly, we want to make sure it is clear to all parties that Coffeebar is not in any way the reason behind this current situation. We will continue to respect you and your business. We recognize this situation is not easy for you, but we do however ask for mutual respect throughout the process.

I wish Paul, his wife, and their business the very best of luck. I look forward to raising the bar to another level alongside Bibo and other successful businesses in Reno. I hope they find can find another space in the neighborhood so that we can both serve and thrive in the Reno community.


Greg Buchheister


4 thoughts on “Dear Loyal Bibo Customers…

  1. The French Twist and my clients welcomes you to your new location. Marvin has been my land lord for two years, he’s great. I look forward to you expanded menu, and meeting you!

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