Big News: A Letter to Reno/Tahoe…

Dear Reno Coffee Connoisseurs,

Coffeebar is very delighted to announce that we will become part of the Reno community with the opening of our second location in July!  We know Reno is a wonderful, vibrant community with an incredible culture and a booming culinary scene, and we are so excited to become a part of that. We are grateful to come into this opportunity and we do so with open minds, eager attitudes, and extensive experience to offer.

Inspired by the coffee shops of Italy, Coffeebar was founded on the principle of providing a community hub for its neighbors. Our mission is to provide our community and friends with three important qualities: excellent coffee, top-notch customer service, and a fun, friendly atmosphere.

At Coffeebar, we take our coffee very seriously. We use exclusively organic, C1 Grade coffee – the highest quality level of industry designation– and our proprietary organic coffee blends are roasted by Carl Staub right here in Reno. Carl is one of the most prominent figures in the world of coffee and over the last twenty years he has trained over 1600 independent roasters the art and science of roasting coffee.

In addition to excellent coffee Coffeebar’s menu offers an array of fresh and delicious options including organic chai, mate, and over thirty loose leaf teas as well as a variety of sweet and savory crepes, traditional panini, fresh baked pastries, homemade gelato, wine, and beer. Coffeebar makes every effort to support regional farms, prioritizing locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.

Our Coffeebar team is led by one of the top independent coffee retailers in the country, with industry experience dating back to 1998. Since opening its Truckee, CA location in 2010, Coffeebar has become an integral part of our community here in Lake Tahoe, providing a hub for friends to come together to share, chat, laugh, relax, work, connect and embrace life.

Our excitement in entering the Reno market is mixed with some disappointment as the space we will be opening in July, at 680 Mt. Rose Street, represents the loss of a location for another prominent and well-respected local coffee business. We recognize, understand, and connect with the impact that this business has had on Southwest Reno through its Mt. Rose Street location and continues to have in serving the region through two other locations. They have truly ‘set the standard’ for local coffee houses. We look forward to honoring that tradition by continuing to serve Reno’s coffee community with excellent products, superior service, and a community-oriented atmosphere just as they have done.

We’re excited to bring our experience and passion to Reno, and are very eager to immerse ourselves in a new community of food and culture. Our goal and priority is to not only provide excellent products, service, and experience to our customers, but to become an integral part of the community. We firmly believe that in Reno, coffee and community are interconnected, and the more quality coffee shops available to our region – and the more chances for people to connect through coffee — the better. Most importantly, we look forward to meeting all of you, and becoming a part of your lives.

We’ll see you this summer!  But if you can’t wait take a field trip to our Truckee location  (10120 Jibboom Street, Truckee).

Thank you!

Greg, Giuseppe and the Coffeebar Team


8 thoughts on “Big News: A Letter to Reno/Tahoe…

  1. Greg….congratulations!! You and your crew have provided a great addition to Truckee and I’m sure you will do the same in Reno.

    Continued success,

    James & Dottie

  2. As a lover of coffee and coffee shop culture, I would have welcomed you with open arms to our Reno community had you chosen a different location. I wonder if you know that Paul and Deb were ousted from their Mt. Rose location through no fault of their own? They have grown every year, kept up with rent increases and been a cornerstone of the Old Southwest neighborhood. It makes me tremendously sad to see them be forced out of this treasured location (this location really *is* Bibo), but even more so to see another coffee shop swooping in on what they’ve built. I understand perhaps the location seemed too good to pass up, but you had the choice to do just that–find another location and stand in solidarity with a thriving coffee shop being unjustly treated by their landlord. Reno is not about competition or capitalizing on others misfortunes–it’s about community. With respect, I’d ask you to reconsider your choice of opening your “new” (can it really be new when you didn’t build it yourself?) location on Mt. Rose St. I honestly think you’ll have a better chance of succeeding in this tight knit community if you do.

  3. I think it is unethical for anyone to touch that Mt. Rose St. space considering how it became vacant. BIbo drinkers are incredibly loyal –especially to their mother-ship location. Everyone’s talking about it.

    …But since your shop is super focused on community, I’m sure you’ll totally understand the Reno community’s ever-so “vibrant” boycott of your business and not take it personally.

    And I also hope you won’t take it personally when your new landlord decides not to renew your lease after ten years and lets a competitor with an “every man for himself” mentality lease your space right out from under you.


  4. Also, word from the wise: Marvin has called the cops on Bibo employees for drawing with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk in front of Bibo and calls animal control to come get customers’ dogs when they walk them to the coffee shop and tie them out back while they go in to get their coffee. You are in for a treat having a landlord who lives in the basement of your business.

  5. I hope you signed a ten year lease, because if not that landlord will also sell your space to another business when your lease is up despite all the effort you will put it it. I can imagine Starbucks doing something like this but independent businesses shouldn’t screw each other. Shame on you.

    • I totally feel you … but think about this.
      Why is the landlord kicking out a super well-established, loved, successful coffee shop that is a big part of the local community… to let in a different coffee shop??
      It’s not like he’s kicking them out because he wants to buy his own subway franchise and install it there… so what are his incentives? I’d make the pretty safe assumption that his incentives have to do with dealings with “coffeebar”, otherwise this wouldn’t be happening.

      So, possibly but unlikely, coffeebar is innocent and just wants to open a business in a cool spot and doesn’t understand the situation … and if that’s the case they should be aware of the backlash they’re going to face as a result of the landlord’s extreme shittiness.

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