Sierra Avalanche Center Promo

SAC promo

Coffeebar is currently participating in a promotional partnership with the Sierra Avalanche SAC logoCenter (SAC). For $100, customers get a $25 donation straight to the Sierra Avalanche Center, a $50 Coffeebar gift card, a co-branded 100% certified organic cotton Patagonia t-shirt (a $30 value), a co-branded Black Contigo travel mug (a $29 value) and, of course… a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

We are also offering an “A La Carte” option for customers to purchase the mug alone for $29.95, with $5 of the sale going to the Sierrra Avalanche Center.

We are excited to share this promotion with you all, and help spread awareness about the Sierra Avalanche Center!

Big thanks to our first participant, Chris R. — shown here sporting his new tee, mug and gift card! Thanks for the support Chris!



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