Staff Profile: Kristy Kirsch


Kristy Kirsch – Pastry ChefKristyKirsch

From: Originally Reno, but have lived in Truckee for 9 years

How did you end up in Truckee, and what do you love most about our community? After living in Boulder, CO my husband and I wanted to move back near family in Reno, but we wanted to continue to live in the mountains. Truckee was a great choice.

Why do you love coffee? I love the flavor and complexity of coffee. I love how it pairs with so many ingredients to make delicious desserts. Last but not least, I love that it wakes me up!

What do you love most about being a pastry chef at Coffeebar? Baking and creating desserts is definitely my true passion. I love sweetening up someone’s day with a little treat.

When I’m not at Coffeebar you can find me… doing something with my kids.

What is your favorite city and why? My favorite city is Florence, Italy. I studied abroad there, and it is truly a beautiful city that holds so many wonderful memories for me. It also has some of  the best bread, desserts and gelato in the world.

Favorite utensil? My favorite utensil is the microplane grater.

If you walked in on your wife/husband with another man/woman what would you do? I would walk out and never look back.

What is your favorite coffee drink? My favorite coffee drink right now is a dirty chai latte.

What’s in your picnic basket? A baguette, a wedge of taleggio cheese, a wedge of Parmigiano Reggiano, apples, pears, kalamata olives, prosciutto, salami, a bottle of Prosecco, and dark chocolate…yum!

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list? I would love to go back to Italy with my family and stay for at least a month!

What is one thing you are extremely proud of? I’m extremely proud of my sweet kids. Milena is 7 and Madden is 5, and they mean the world to me.

I’d really love to learn how to…. sew.

If I had to choose between the following for a pet — dragon; alligator; monkey; eagle; rat — I would pick: Dragon

I couldn’t live without… coffee in the morning.

I’m really good at… helping people.

My idea of a perfect day is… a great hike, picnic and swim in the lake with my family.

From your perspective, what makes Coffeebar special? Coffeebar is special because of so many reasons….great people who work there, delicious coffee and food, great and loyal customers, and I love that it has so many similarities to a true coffeebar in Italy.


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