Coffeebar’s December Days of Giving!

Dear friends,

We are so happy the holidays have arrived! What a wonderful time of year. We here at Coffeebar are feeling especially cheery this December, and we thought it would be nice to show just how much we love you all with some GIFTS! (Because, after all, who doesn’t love gifts during the holidays — or anytime, for that matter?!) We’re pleased to introduce our “December Days of Giving,” which is sort of like our own Giuseppe-style version of the advent calendar. We’re giving away a new gift each day to one of YOU, our amazing customers and friends!

So, what do you have to do to get in on all the action..?! It’s pretty easy actually! Simply swing by Coffeebar (I mean, you were going to anyway, right?), pick up something absolutely delicious, and while you’re at it just drop your business card in our holiday box at the counter. (You can tell it’s the holiday box because it’s red and green — so festive!). If you don’t have a “business card,” we won’t hold it against you — just write down your name and email where we can contact you to let you know if you’re a WINNA!

After that, all you’ve gotta do is wait! At the end of each week, we’ll be drawing a name for each day, and each respective prize! We’ll send you an email to let you know you have won, and then (as if you needed another reason to return…) you get to come back to Coffeebar for something else delicious, and pick up your gift while you’re at it! That’s it!! So, come on down, give us your info, and keep your fingers crossed you’ll be rewarded with a gift! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!HolidayPosterWatermark



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