A Note on Pricing — Please Read!

Hey Coffeebar peeps! Please see a note below notifying our customers that we will be modifying some of our prices slightly beginning on December 1. This will be our first time changing our prices in more than two years of business. We’ve worked hard to maintain consistent pricing for you all, but the costs of supplies have continued to steadily rise, and dairy in particular has become too costly for us not to make some small changes. We can assure you that the quality of our products will remain the same, and we hope you will still find the value to be very high, despite these slight price modifications. Most of the changes are just 25 cents per item, so we hope the impact to you will be minimal. Please note that we will also be increasing the “own cup” discount from 35 cents to 50 cents as one way to try to help off-set slight price increases for you, so remember to bring your own cup or mug, and be rewarded! Thank you so much for your understanding!

— The Coffeebar Team


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