Staff Profile: Bailey LeClair

Bailey Le Clair — “Experience Enhancer” (Cashier/Customer Service)

From: Truckee, CA

How did you end up in Truckee and what do you love most about our community? I grew up in Truckee. Graduate of Truckee high, and attendee of Sierra College. I love how active our community is! On any given day, you can find somebody somewhere doing something exciting outside. Spring, summer, winter, or fall — there is always something to do.

Why do you love coffee? I love coffee because it’s so much more than just a drink. It’s a morning ritual, it’s a social experience, and it’s a sense of familiarity and comfort in every cup brewed for the drinker.

What do you like most about being a cashier at Coffeebar? I enjoy being a cashier because I get to talk to people all day long. The look somebody has when they approach the register and you already know their name and drink specifications is awesome. Simple things like that make people so happy, and I love that I have the chance to enhance their day simply by doing my job well.

From your perspective what makes Coffeebar special? Coffebar is special because even though it is so new to the area, it feels as though it’s been here forever. It perfectly meshes with our community’s personality. Everyone who I work with is always upbeat, not only with customers but also with each other. It’s so awesome to work somewhere where people truly enjoy their jobs. Regulars and newcomers alike can feel the difference the second they walk through the door, and needless to say I am VERY proud to be a part of the Coffeebar team.

When I’m not at Coffeebar you can find me… At School, at Squaw, or on the soccer field.

What is your favorite city and why? San Francisco!  I’m a die-hard Giants fan, and the city is the closest of its kind to Tahoe. It’s so vibrant and lively, it’s great to escape to every so often. I also fell in love with Seattle when I visited there last spring, but I haven’t spent nearly enough time there to consider it my favorite.

What was your favorite utensil when you applied? I chose a Spoon! My favorite foods are generally eaten with spoons (soup, ice cream, cereal, etc.) so I decided that that was my favorite.

If you walked in on your wife/husband with another man/woman what would you do? I would freak out haha but I have a few more years until I’ll be thinking about marriage, so I’m not too worried about it yet.

What is your favorite coffee drink? Chocolate Cappuccino.

What’s in your picnic basket? Salami sandwiches, sweet potato chips and lemon pellegrinos.

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list? The Taj Mahal for sure, followed closely by anywhere tropical. I’ve only ever been to Canada and it really isn’t that different than the US.

What is one thing you are extremely proud of? I’m extremely proud of where I grew up. Growing up in Tahoe was such a gift. Every day was an adventure and I’m sure it’s the reason why I am the athlete/person I am today. I know so many people who would trade an arm or a leg to have had the type of life I had growing up, and I’m proud that I have enough sense to appreciate it every day.

I’d really love to learn how to… speak another language. I learned Spanish in high school, because it was the only language offered, but I am nowhere near fluent. I would love to learn French or Italian also!

If I had to choose between the following for a pet — dragon; alligator; monkey; eagle; rat — I would pick: Eagle

I couldn’t live without… my family and friends. They keep me happy and grounded.

I’m really good at… picking up new things. I can learn things really quickly, and am not satisfied until I have mastered them.

My idea of a perfect day is… any given day in the winter falling asleep to the silence of a snow storm, and knowing that when I wake up the only things on my to-do list are to eat a huge delicious breakfast and be clicked in at the top of Squaw.


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