Staff Profile: Elisabeth Keech

Elisabeth Keech: Barista

From: Browns Valley, CA

How did you end up in Truckee and what do you love most about our community? I left someone and needed change. Everyone is very peaceful. There is a very laid back feeling in Truckee.

Why do you love coffee? My parents put coffee in my bottle. I was raised on coffee and will NEVER stop drinking it!!!

What do you like most about being a Coffeebar barista? Being a barista is an amazing job. I get to make people happy with a cup of coffee, and also have the opportunity to be an artist.

From your perspective what makes Coffeebar special? We have outstanding customer service, we work well together as coworkers, we have fun, and our coffee is the best!

What is your favorite city and why? Munich, Germany. It was my first out-of-the-country experience being alone and it was amazing. The food, architecture, and people were awesome!

What did you list as your favorite utensil when you applied to work with us? My favorite utensil when I first started was my thermometer… I have not used it since I have started working at CoffeeBar… Now I love that little pick thing on top of the espresso machine!

If you walked in on your wife/husband with another man/woman what would you do? I’d tell her she’d better run. Then I would make him wish he had never been born. 🙂 After I settled down I would probably realize that even though it doesn’t seem like it in the moment it was probably for the best.

What is your favorite coffee drink? A decaf chocolate cappuccino with organic milk. IT IS SOOOOO GOOD! Foam is delicious!

What’s in your picnic basket? Anything but meat. Salad and delicious sweet things.

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list? The Ta Phrom in Cambodia! Look it up, it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

What is one thing you are extremely proud of? That I have taught a lot of women how to protect themselves.

I’d really love to learn how to… Tell people no.

If I had to choose between the following for a pet: Dragon; alligator; monkey; eagle; rat, I would pick: A rat of course… HAHA just kidding. Ummm definitely a dragon… well if it flew anyways…

I couldn’t live without… LOVE!

I’m really good at… Competitive fighting

My idea of a perfect day is… A day at the Yuba river! In the high 90s with an ice cold C2O YUMMM!


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