Staff Profile: Christie Olson

At Coffeebar, we believe that staff and customer should share a special relationship. Our staff profiles are designed to enable you to get to know our staff just a little bit better. This week’s featured staff member is Coffeebar chef extraordinaire, Christie!

Christie (Crispy) Olson

From: Davis, CA

How did you end up in Truckee and what do you love most about our community? I moved up here to work for one winter season and learn to snowboard, which led me to decide I don’t actually enjoy snow sports. Yet, here I am, six years later! I found so many like-minded people here, and with such beautiful scenery I couldn’t bring myself to leave.

Why do you love coffee? CAFFEINE!!

What do you like most about being a chef at Coffeebar? I prefer to call myself a Sandwich Artist! I don’t like to slap things together and call it good, I make all my food with love!!

From your perspective what makes Coffeebar special? We try to create a welcoming environment for everyone. We joke around and get silly and it’s great when customers join in. I love learning names and developing a relationship with people beyond what they eat or drink everyday.

When I’m not at Coffeebar you can find me… At home crafting or Djing around North Lake Tahoe

What is your favorite city and why? Monterey, it has a similar laid back feel plus ocean! And you can’t beat that Aquarium!

What did you list as your favorite utensil when you applied to work with us? I said a whisk. It’s so versitile and a fun word to say. Go ahead, say it!

If you walked in on your wife/husband with another man/woman what would you do? This is such a personal question…. Honestly I think I’d just cry.

What is your favorite coffee drink? Iced anything!

What’s in your picnic basket? Sandwiches and beer. I’m not too fancy.

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list? I’d love to go to Thailand. All I’ve heard are amazing things from friends who have been.

What is one thing you are extremely proud of? The fact that I’m always game to try new things. If I don’t like it, I know I don’t have to do it again. But you never know until you try.

I’d really love to learn how to… Produce music

If I had to choose between the following for a pet: Dragon; alligator; monkey; eagle, rat, I would pick: Dragon, duh! Wait, can I choose my own? I’d pick a wolverine!!

I couldn’t live without… My friends and family

I’m really good at… Djing, sewing, hula hooping, and my job

My idea of a perfect day is… sleeping in, brunch, mimosas and hanging out on the lake or floating the river, then a bbq after with friends


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