Town of Truckee Trash Announcements!

The Town of Truckee has recently implemented two new trash services that are definitely worth knowing about as spring cleaning season is upon us!

First, the town has announced a new curbside service: batteries and small handheld electronics! Now, instead of either throwing these things away (big no-no!) or having to make a special trip to recycle them, you can simply put your household batteries (such as AA, C and D), button cell, camera, cell phones, iPods and other small handheld electronics (no bigger than 6*8*10 inches) in a ziplock bag, and place it on top of your trash can for FREE recycling! What an easy, convenient way to get your electronic devices and batteries disposed of properly — please take advantage of this service!

Additionally, in exchange for the town’s one-day Fire Safety event that occurs in June, the Town of Truckee has announced that all Truckee residents will be granted a free pass to drop off up to six yards (approximately 40 bags) of pine needles and vegetative waste at the Eastern Regional Landfill (ERL). Yard waste may be dropped off anytime June 1st-June 16th, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. You must live within the town limits to participate, and proof of residency is required. Bring a photo ID with a Truckee address, or if your home address is not on your photo ID, bring the ID along with a utility bill. Residents must unload their own yard waste, and will be required to empty their bags to take advantage of the free disposal. Multiple trips are permitted.

Accepted items include: pine needles; pine cones; lawn trimmings; garden waste; brush; twigs, limbs and branches; wood chips and bark. NOT permitted are: food waste; pet waste; rocks and dirt.

In addition, the Town of Truckee continues with its Green Bag curbside yard waste collection program, limited to four tied green bags per week. Green bags are available at Mountain Hardware, Tahoe Supply Company and the Tahoe Donner HOA Clubhouse.

For more information on these announcements and other Town of Truckee trash/recycling info, visit


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