Please join us…

…as we work to create and inspire change, and to spark a revolution. A revolution for our environment; a revolution of our food sources; a revolution of our energy needs; a revolution for our community… revolutionizing the world around us.

Beginning Feb. 21st, Coffeebar will host a monthly event called “rEVOLution.” Each month, we will focus our event on a new innovative idea or controversial issue, designed to enable us to open up our minds, increase our awareness, change our perspective, and ultimately revolutionize our world.

Events will feature documentaries, short film clips, group discussions and/or community interactions, with the goal to ultimately start affecting change locally based on what we’ve learned. While talking about potential solutions and positive changes is important, it is only one step. Ultimately, creating a revolution is about taking action. Our events will focus on creating a feasible action plan, and inspiring that action to take place.

Each monthly event will have a respective community beneficiary.  Costs will vary by event, but in each case all proceeds will go to our selected community partner,  to be used for causes associated with the topic of the evening.

Our inaugural event will take place from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 21. As an “all-encompassing” introduction, this event will feature a series of short clips covering a range of important topics. Our hope is that you will gain a new perspective on some of today’s important issues, and new insight and inspiration on ways that you can start  revolutionizing your community.


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