Getting to Know Your Barista: Greg Buchheister

Get to know Greg Buchheister, owner/founder of Coffeebar and barista extraordinaire, in this personal and entertaining barista questionnaire. Have more questions for Greg? Ask away in our comment section below.

  1. How did you end up in Truckee and what do you love most about our community?  I had been in Colorado my whole life and it was time for a change. A really cool experience in India guided me in this direction. Once I breathed the air on a cool spring morning, I knew I was home! I love it that Truckee is a real community, not a just a layer of sweet cream with a luke warm underbelly, like some other places I know. 🙂
  2. Why do you love coffee? I love the ritual behind coffee.It starts with the smell of the grinds, the weight of the portafilter handle in my hand. It intensifies with brown espresso glooping into my 6 oz white porcelain cup. My stretching milk hits that perfect pitch. Perfect silky white goodness pours into my cup and a shake or two produces an apple balanced atop the drink. The mouth watering anticipation of my first cappuccino of the day… is almost complete… the perfect start to every day.
  3. What do you like most about being a barista?  I like that I can be so present… living life 25 seconds at a time… very Buddha-esque!
  4. When I’m not making delicious coffee drinks, you can find me…  In my Harry Potter closet…aka… my office, and when I’m not there, I’m in San Francisco or a foreign country!
  5. What is your favorite city and why?  I love San Francisco. Great food, great culture, great diversity with the ocean and wine country in close proximity. Can’t beat it!
  6. What is your favorite utensil?  My favorite utensil is my hand made pasta maker.  Nothing beats a fresh bowl of pasta!
  7. If you walked in on your wife/husband with another man/woman what would you do?  I think the song ‘Hey Joe’ sums it up…
  8. What is your favorite coffee drink?  A perfectly balanced Italian-style cappuccino
  9. What’s in your picnic basket?  Bottle of red wine, link of truffle sausage, fresh baguette, a triangle of gouda and of course several chocolate bars all accompanied by my lovely lady friend, Nora, Chancho and Rumi.
  10. What’s at the top of your travel bucket list? Iceland. Or Thailand. Or both!
  11. If you had $1 million to do anything with, what would you do/how would you spend it?  Travel, fun, charity … in that order.
  12. What is one thing you are extremely proud of?  Besides Coffeebar, I’m proud of the fact that I can finally appreciate what I have!
  13. I’d really love to learn how to… play a ripping blues guitar and fly.
  14. If I had to choose between the following for a pet — dragon, alligator, monkey, eagle or rat — I would pick: Dragon
  15. I couldn’t live without… being creative.
  16. I consider myself really good at… making other people feel good.
  17. My idea of a perfect day is… Cappuccino, cinnamon roll, fresh OJ; quick ride to mountain; endless pow runs; quick snack including at least, but not limited to, one Stella Artois; more endless pow; nap; fresh Pasta Bolognese with at least eight friends, with at least one bottle of wine per person; gelato!
  18. From your perspective, what makes Coffeebar special? Our secret ingredient…. LOVE.

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