The Push: A South Pole Adventure

Grant Korgan, an adaptive athlete representing one of our community partners and friends, the High Fives Nonprofit Foundation, is embarking on an incredible journey this month. If you don’t already know about The Push: A South Pole Adventure (or even if you do!), you should definitely read on.

Korgan, a Lake Tahoe native, is a world-class kayaker, snowmobiler, skier and adventurer. Last March, he fractured his L1 vertebrae while snowmobiling in the Sierra backcountry, leaving him with complete loss of feeling and movement from his belly button down, and ultimately changing his life. Since that time, he has inspired many along a journey of hope as he has worked toward recovery from his spinal cord injury. In just one year, with the help of the High Fives Foundation, his wife Shawna, and a whole lot of hope and positivity, Korgan is now able to walk with the help of two arm crutches.

Korgan’s determination and desire to, in his words, “show the world that everyone should remember to live the highest version of themselves, and that humanity can choose every day to live their limitless potential,” has now led him on a journey to the South Pole.

This month, Korgan and fellow adaptive athlete and two-time Paralympic gold medalist John Davis are attempting to be the first two adaptive athletes to reach the pole. With the help of their team, Tal Fletcher and Doug Stoup, Korgan and Davis aim to reach the South Pole on Jan. 17, marking the first time in history for two adaptive athletes to do so.

As Korgan and Davis push themselves, in custom-designed sit skis, 100 miles across the Antarctic ice using sheer strength and determination, they hope to inspire others to push their own everyday limits, and live up to their ultimate potential. On Jan. 17, Korgan aims to reach the South Pole in a standing position, leaving his sit-ski to trek the final portion of his journey, and truly demonstrating the capacity of the human spirit.

Korgan’s team embarks on “The Push” in support of the High Fives Foundation, a non-profit working to help winter athletes suffering life-altering injuries get back to their active lifestyle, as well as the Reeve-Irvine Spinal Research Center. You can help Korgan and his team obtain their goal and raise money for these life-changing organizations by purchasing a “push” for the team HERE.

To read more about Korgan and his team’s journey, and to be inspired, visit The Push: A South Pole Adventure, HERE.

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